Friday, August 17, 2007

Elusive Natives

You can still find them on Saipan, but this one didn't get this big by showing himself too often. The Coconut Crab (Ayuyu) is considered a delicacy and you will have a hard time finding one this size.

Coconut Crab (Ayuyu)

The Marianas Megapode (Sasangat) is possibly even harder to find than the Coconut Crab. Good thing they don't taste very good!

Micronesian Megapode (Sasangat)

The Monitor Lizard likes the bask in the morning sun on the many dirt roads of Saipan.

Monitor Lizard

Two natives still missing from my list are the Marianas Fruitbat and the Japanese Eel. I've seen them, I know where to find them, just haven't had my camera handy.