Friday, August 17, 2007

Tinian Dive Sites

Tinian and its pristine waters is a short 45 min boat ride away from Saipan. The water is such a deep blue at times that I have had customers scoop up the water in their hand expecting it to be blue. Clicking the dive site name links you to more information on the particular site.

FLEMING (B)- The best wall dive in the CNMI. The site has great coral formations and is abundant with smaller animals and fish. The wall drops off to more than 200 feet and has some of the best visibility on Tinian. When diving along the side of the wall in this crystal clear water you would think you were flying.

TWIN CORAL (B)- The name of the site comes from the two coral formations sitting next to each other. The boat moors between the two and the divers are free to explore. The site is also known as Turtle Point for obvious reasons. The fish life here is fantastic with varieties of Parrot Fish, Grouper, Damsel Fish, and more. With great visibility, Two Coral Head is a photographer’s dream.

DUMP COVE (B)- This is a relic dive with many artifacts from WWII such as planes, tanks, ammunition, and jeeps that were pushed of the cliff directly from the North Field. Dump Cove is also a turtle feeding ground so the chances of running into a turtle are very high.

TINIAN GROTTO (B)- This is the most popular cavern in Tinian. With three main entry points into the cavern, most divers enter from the hole on top finding a beautiful room inside. The cavern is a great place to find Lionfish. For the more experienced divers a wall that reaches into oblivion is nearby. At the end of the dive, look back towards the cavern to see tiny bubbles escaping from the inside.

GOAT ISLAND/AGUIJAN (B) - Goat Island is a small island to the South West of Tinian. The dive sites around the island are some of the best kept dive secrets in the CNMI waters, they don't even have names! Very few operators venture that far from Saipan, but the diving is well worth the trip and money. If nothing else, sharks are common and they are not shy.