Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Richard's Saipan Restaurant Picks

You can't be underwater all day, you have to come up for food at some time, so I thought I would add Richard's Saipan Restaurant Picks. I have given up on cooking myself almost entirely and eat most of my meals out. Below is a list of restaurants worth checking out. Feel free to leave your own comments.

Click here for a map of Saipan with the restaurants

1. Wild Bill's:
Wild Bills possibly has the most eclectic menu of all restaurants on island. Dishes range from breakfast with hashbrowns ($5!), Thai food, Mexican food, chilly dogs, salads, to even vegetarian dishes. The Thai food at Wild Bill's is in my opinion the best on island. The prices are very reasonable and range from $5 to $15. They've recently made the restaurant part NO SMOKING! Wild Bill's offers free Wi-fi. If you have trouble getting in touch with me, check Wild Bill's.

2. Hamilton's: CLOSED
Set back deep in the heart of Gualo Rai, Hamilton's is a classic local restaurant. You get the feeling you were invited to someones house. If you find the place, try their Seared Ahi, it's awesome. No place on island serves better pizza's. Prices range from $10 to $20.

3. Oleai Beach Bar & Grill:
Right on the beach Oleai is a nice spot to enjoy the sunset. Their food is decent and reasonably priced. Prices range from $5 to $15. Their Dollar Taco days (Fri, Sat, Sun) are very popular with the locals. They have free Wi-fi.

4. Coconut-Tei:
Japanese fish restaurant located on Hotel street in Garapan. They have cheap bento boxes for lunch. Prices range from $10 to $15.

5. Coffee Care:
Located half way up Capitol Hill, Coffee Care has a beautiful view of the langoon for some spectacular sunsets while you are having dinner. Food is good, prices range from $10 to $20. They do hotel pick-ups and offer free Wi-fi.

6. Taste of India:
The only Indian restaurant on Saipan. Their Chicken Tikka is my favorite. Prices range from $10 to $15. Their lunch buffet for $7 is a really good deal.

7. Saigon Restaurant:
The closest thing to authentic Vietnamese food you can get on Saipan. Located on Middle Rd above the Flair bar in Garapan. Their $5 lunch is especially popular. Normal prices range from $7 to $ 15. I recommend their spring rolls on cold noodles. Not to mistaken with the not so authentic Saigon Restaurant in Hotel street.

8. Hyatt Brunch:
If you want to splurge the Hyatt Sunday brunch is the way to go. No place on island has a better spread. Price is a little high at $35.00 a person, but you are getting your monies worth. Located in Garapan.

9. Pierre's: CLOSED
Located next to the Saipan Ocean View Hotel. Very reasonable lunch & dinner prices. The real reason I go is their salad bar and soup that's included with their main courses. Open for lunch every day, dinner only Friday and Saterday evening. The original restaurant is still open under new management and name Grillin' food, service, and prices and nearly as good.

10. 360:
On top of the Nauru building in Sususpe (can't miss the building its just off beach rd. accross from the World Resort and it looks like an airport control tower). The only revolving restaurant in Saipan. Food is decent and the prices range from $10 - $20. Can't beat the view. Even if you just go for a cup of illy coffee it's a fun ride. It takes a little getting used to, but once you get your sea legs you'll be fine.

11. Hawaiian Grill: CLOSED
Hawaiian Grill is located on Hotel street. Their Poki is good and spicy. If you like fruity drinks ask for Andrews secret punch mixture.

12. Diamond Restaurant:
Chinese more your cup of tea? Try Diamond restaurant across from Wild Bills. This hole in the wall place has real decent food for very reasonable prices.

13. Samurai:
Located upstairs next to Remmington's. Japanese food prepared with care. Tiny place, great ambiance.

14. Shenanigans:
Located across from Winchell's in Garapan. New restaurant with a well respected cook. Good eats. If they'd offer slightly bigger portions I think this could be a hungry diver favorite.

Other places to check out: Abyss (fish restaurant), Cafe at the Park (American), Mom's Round Two (Burgers), Len (Japanese)


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