Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Boyscout Beach

BOYSCOUT 1 & 2 (B/S): Both Boyscout beaches are rarely visited by divers or anybody else for that matter, because they are hard to get to. The picture above is the view of Boyscout One from the top of the road to Obyan Beach. If conditions are like they are in the picture above, Boyscout should be divable. A dirt road runs to close to where the two beaches are, this road can be quite over grown at times.

From where you park it is a short hike to the beach and especially the 1st beach is a bit of a scramble down some rocks. Divers who go through the trouble of getting to the beach are awarded with beautiful coral and white sand. Some of the largest clams can be found here. On a calm day you can do a surface swim from the second beach to Naftan and dive all the way back. Getting in and out of the water can be tricky as there are no ropes.

Boyscout 1 Entry & Exit

Once at the beach the easiest place to enter and exit at Boyscout 1 would be straight out from the mushroom rock. In the picture you can see a pool of blue water in front on the rock; a swimthrough takes you out towards the ocean.

Boyscout 2 Entry & Exit

The easiest entry & exit at Bouscout 2 is to walk straight in and out from the North end of the beach.

Current: Ranges from None to Strong. BEWARE: The currents can be strong on this part of the island and pick up in no time. Be sure to plan your dive accordingly.

Visibility: 80ft - 100ft

Boat diving: Boyscout 1 has a mooring buoy for small boats straight out from the mushroom rock. Boyscout 2 does not have a mooring buoy. Best way to dive these sites from a boat right now is to do a drift dive in the direction of Obyan.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks for the info on access to the Boy Scout dive sites, Richard. I have been there by boat, and I drove part way in by car but never scrambled down the cliff rocks to the beach.

I will probably stick to diving it by boat, but will now access the beaches after or during dives thanks to your directions. Thanks.

Richard Sikkel PADI MSDT said...

Snorkel out & Picnic on the beach is a great way to spend your surface interval