Friday, August 17, 2007

Saipan Dive Shops

The island of Saipan has a large number of diveshops, the vast majority being Japanese diveshops. I have made an effort to list most of them below. If I have the wrong information on the diveshop or missed one feel free to leave a comment with the contact information of the diveshop in question.

(E) - Indicates that I am 100% sure the diveshop has English speaking staff for instruction.

Ace Tomato: Garapan. Tel: 670-233-3483

Aqua Connections: Located in Garapan. Tel: 670-233-3304

(E) Aquasmith: A one-stop service PADI dive shop located in Garapan offering a wide selection of fun dive packages and certification of all levels of divers in English and Japanese. Owned and operated by Morito Asai. Tel: 670-233-5055 Fax: 670-233-5055 Email:

Aqua Del Ray: Email:

Big Dog: San Jose. Tel: 670-235-7706

Blue Sea Sports: Susupe. Tel: 670-234-7903

CMLC ARTHA: Tel: 670-234-9157 Fax: 670-234-9149 Email:

Dive Saipan: Formerly known as All American Divers. Korean owned dive shop located in Garapan. Tel: 670-235-8505 Fax: 670-235-8506 Email:

Lighthouse Diving Shop: Run by 'Ken.' Tel: 670-256-5473/483-7585 Email:

(E) Mariana Sports Club: MSC is a Japanese owned PADI diveshop located in Gualo Rai offering instruction in English and Japanese. Run by NMDOA vice president Hitoshi "Toshi" Yamaguchi. MSC is a five-star PADI dive center that has been accident free since it was established in 1972. Tel: 670-233-0670/1234 Fax: 670-233-1234 Email:

Mermaid Saipan: Capitol Hill. Tel: 670-322-0563

Pal Divers: Garapan. Tel: 670-233-5066

S2 Club: Tel: 670-322-5079 Fax: 670-322-5082 Email:

Sea Force: Owned and operated by Sakamatsu-san. Located in Oleai. Tel: 670-235-8303/670-286-1212 Fax: 670-235-8303 Email:

Sea Lovers: Tel: 670-233-5216/483-9040 Fax: 670-233-5216 Email:

(E) Speedy Tertle: Russian owned NAUI diveshop located in Garapan. Tel: 670-234-6284 Fax: 670-234-6286 Email:

Super Fish Diving: Tanapag. Tel: 323-7772

Wondersea: Tel: 670-233-7011/483-7011 Email:

World Pinnacle: Tel: 670-234-7031/670-888-5785 Fax: 670-234-7031 Email:

When on Rota check with Mark from Dive Rota: Dive Rota, P.O. Box 941, Rota MP 96951 E-mail:

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