Saturday, August 9, 2008

Agingan Point Project

The Old Pipe dumping 'treated' sewage at the surface right around the corner from PIC.

The new pipe @ 100 ft. of depth ~600 ft. away from the cliff.

Brady and Mori working on clearing and preparing the site.

The smallest of the two anchors after they were dropped in the water by a crane at Agingan Point in 30 ft of water ~ 900 ft away from the pipe. It is hard to tell, but these things are 6ft tall and weigh a 3 ton.

First Anchor 30 feet away from the pipe @ a depth of 80 ft.

Both anchors in the water ~ 30 & 40 ft. away from the pipe.

Both anchors and diffuser on the pipe. To give you an idea of how large those anchors are - those are Brady's legs sticking out from behind the pipe.

Just to give you an idea of how strong the currents are at Agingan Point; notice Brady's bubbles moving horizontally behind him instead of up. You can also hear the rope hitting the camera housing as the current is jerking the rope.

June from GPPC who made everything run smoothly for us at the surface.

Brady perched on top of the front anchor.

Capt. Marvel and his sidekick diver Bill.

Yours truely.

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