Friday, August 17, 2007

Rota Dive Sites

Tranquil Rota is a hop and a skip (by plane) away from Saipan. Diving in Rota is ideal for observing the many different fish indigenous to these waters. Here are just a couple of the many Rota Dive Sites. Check out the following link from Dive Rota for more in depth information.

SHOUN MARU (B)- A WWII Japanese freighter that is large enough to dive several times. There are many interesting items inside the ship such as tanks, bikes, and bathtubs. The visibility is usually exceptional so divers can see the whole length of the ship. In the sand around the ship there is a large colony of Garden Eels.

CORAL GARDEN (B)-From a depth of 15 feet to 60 + feet, you will find a variety of coral formations and over 50 different species of colorful tropical fish. Octopus, nudibranchs, sharks, and turtles can also be found here. This is a protected area, collecting shells or artifacts and the taking of any sea life is prohibited.

SENHANON CAVE/ROTA HOLE (B)- The most popular dive site in Rota is an advanced dive that is done from a boat. The diver enters the cavern from the ocean at about 40 feet. Once inside there are many schools of fish and sometimes lobster. However, the highpoint of the dive is when the light shines through the opening in top of the cavern.

TABLE TOP (B)- This is an interesting geographical feature created by two adjoining seamounts at 15 feet to 90+ feet of water. On the backside little Gobies and various shells live in the sand. On the ocean side, the variety and numbers of fish surrounding the diver will make an enjoyable dive.

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