Sunday, August 19, 2007


B-29/Emily (B)- Okay, so it is not a B-29 like the name let you to believe. The wreck is that of a Japanese H8K or Type 2 Large Flying Boat. The Allied reporting name for this type of plane was 'Emily'. The Emily was an Imperial Japanese Navy Flying boat used during World War II for maritime patrol duties. Because its defensive armament made it a nasty customer to deal with the Allied pilots also called it the "Flying Porcupine".

The 4 large props, guarded by Jewel Damselfish, are still in tact as is most of the wing. White Tip Sharks can sometimes be found under the wings.

The nose of the plane with the 7.7 mm machine gun still sticking out can been seen off to the side. A chair and control panel lie close by. At 30 feet this is a good dive for photography.

Visibility: 80 - 100 ft

Current: Ranges from none to medium.

See some of the pictures used to verify the make of the airplane

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