Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Site: Dimple

Viz: 80ft.
Current: Moderate (North)
Water Conditions: Relatively Calm

Site: Sanctuary
Viz: 70ft.
Current: None
Water Conditions: Calm

A day of Eels. Saw 4 eels at Dimple. 3 White Mouth Eels, 1 Moray Eel. At the end of our dive at 'Sanctuary' Rodney noticed a Giant Moray Eel Tail underneath a rock. I playfully tapped the tail with my finger and then swam around the rock to see what was attached to the tail. To my surprise it was attached to the monstrous head of the biggest Giant Moray Eel I have seen in Saipan to date. I couldn't help but think about the pharyngeal jaws they have (see Concealed Weapons). He turned out to be pretty friendly and allowed me to take a couple of pictures. The site 'Sanctuary' is not an actual sanctuary by the way, its just a name.

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