Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wing Beach

WING BEACH (B/S)- A fantastic dive that can be done from the beach or a boat. Wing Beach is located on the northwest part of the island. There are some great geographical features here, such as large crevasses and breathtaking drop-offs. This site is well known for Shark encounters, Giant Moray Eels, and Spanish Dancers at night. As a Beach dive Wing is only divable for a short time during the year. The entry and exit can be hairy when the water is rough.

Wing Beach is a turtle nesting site and if you are lucky you might run into turtles hatching.

Visibility: 50ft. - 100ft.

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Current: None to Strong. Currents can be strong and usually run away from the entry and exit cut when beach diving, meaning you will start your dive with the current. Plan your dive accordingly and dive with someone who has done this site before, before you attempt it by yourself.

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