Thursday, October 2, 2008

9/27/08 Wing Beach and Wing Arches

Dives Wing Beach & Wing Arches (some of us call this site El Toro). Saw a turtle up close and personal at Wing and two Napoleon Wrasses at Arches. No pictures though! I like Wing, Arches is okay, the coral is nice/healthy, but the sites are very similar in and I'd rather not dive them right after one another. In my opinion the best way to dive them when you are on a boat is to do a drift dive from Arches to Wing, that way you get to see it all in one dive and you have another dive left for some other awesome Saipan site.

Viz: 70ft
Current: Moderate
Water Conditons: Slight Swells

Saipan Sun Company took us (Erick and I, and 10 or so Korean Divers) up there. Brand new Newton boat, very fancy, showers, lots of space, fruits and drinks, very comfortable ride. Highly recommend giving it a shot. I intend to add their contact information to the Saipan Boat Charter Company list.

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