Monday, December 8, 2008

12/6/08 Sugar Dock & Obyan

Sugar Dock - Confined water dives. The water has been murky at Sugardock for a while now. When you get in the water it is fine, but there's a lot of silt on the bottom so after 30 min. of kicking that around your viz is vizably reduced. One of my students dropped her mask, looked for it for 20 min. but we never found it. Another instructor found it the next day and returned it. Thanks Dennis & Judy!

Obyan - OW #4 with Rob & Sheila. The water initially looked a bit calmer than the week before, but the current at the exit was still ripping. Viz. was okay, a little murky. Quite a bit of current at the exit and in the openwater running West along shore. We survived though and there's two more responsible PADI divers in the world.

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