Monday, December 8, 2008

11/29/08 Lao Lao & Grotto

Lao Lao - OW # 1 & 2 with Rob and Sheila. Conditions at the surface were choppy, but underwater it was nice. Saw two turtles and an octopus among other stuff. Viz. was okay, not the best, but still nice. On the second dive we bumped into a red snapper and a blue fin trevally.

Grotto - Deep Dive with Peter so he could finally finish his advanced course. Was a little reluctant after seeing the conditions at Lao Lao, but I checked out the Grotto an hr before the dive and it looked doable. There were decent size swells rolling into the Grotto, but they were manageble. Peter completed his skill at depth faster than at the surface.....quess the math had come back to him by the time we made it to 90ft. Nice humphead parrotfish outside the second hole. Bit of a current from 1 - 3.

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